Family reunion is back! Volleyball here I come!

Alright, so for any of you who have read my post since almost the beginning, you all would know that my volleyball obsession slight started at my family reunion. (When I say slightly it’s because there were more determining factors that led to my obsession). Well, every two years my reunion takes place down in Indiana and guess what? It’s that time again! Two years goes by so fast and I have grown so much as a volleyball player and a person. So for this blog post I will be laying out five things that I have learned in volleyball in my first two years of playing!

1. The proper way to receive a volleyball! If you all remember, this is what made our team lose to My Uncles team at the last reunion. This time will be different!

2. That volleyball is a team sport. Volleyball is one of those sports where you can’t play alone, you have to trust and believe in your team. You can’t hold the ball, and you can’t touch it more than once in a row. This one was kinda hard for me because I’ve never played on a team till recently, so it took me a while to learn to trust my team and not try to carry the whole team by myself.

3. Hitting the ball hard is not always better. If you have ever watched Vball on tv they spike hard and powerful BUT, that’s professional and if you aren’t professional there is a good chance you can’t do that. Well good news, there are other ways to score points. Volleyball is very much a game for thinkers. It’s a tactical game. You can score points by being smart and thinking ahead. For example, where is their weakest receiver, I’m going to serve to them. Where is there shortest player, I’m going to spike by him. Find your strengths and use them against their weaknesses.

4. How to spike! This one was the most fun thing I learned in the past two years, learning how to spike and the proper approach to spiking really made a difference in my game!

5. Jump serving is hard. So I have learned to jump serve but I don’t play on enough leagues to keep up the practice and drill the form and approach into my head so that way I can be consistent. Lol so basically, I can do it about 30% of the time 🙂

And that’s all for me today! I’m hanging out with family most of the day so I will be busy. I hope you all have a great day!

Till next time,


Lebron Heads To The Lakers

First off, what did I say in a previous post? Oh yeah, Lakers were a prime suspect for Lebron! Second off, I’m pretty excited to maybe see showtime Lakers again. This will be the first time since Kobe that a big all star will have been on the Lakers! And Rajon Rondo signed with the Lakers as well which could be interesting. I feel as if Rondos glory days were on the Celtics way back but maybe he will be rejuvenated. Lakers also managed to keep Kuzma and Lonzo on their team as well but that could change with Kawhi Leonard still on the market. I think a Lonzo, Kawhi, Lebron team could be interesting and fun to watch! Anyways, that’s all for now, just a quick post to say I’m excited for the Lakers.

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Ps. Demarcus Cousins joined the Warriors so the NBA is still gonna be “The Warriors Show” but still excited for the Lakers.


VNL Update

Hey guys! Quick update on the Volleyball Nations League! USA Went on the defeat Japan in another nail biting match. They started it behind 2-0 but came back and won the match 3-2 in another close game! They then went to go defeat Korea in three straight sets! Not even giving them a chance to get warmed up. So as the standings go, 1st place is still held by Poland with a 5-0 Record. 2nd place is held by USA with 5-0. 3rd place is held by Brazil with 4-1.

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Summer Volleyball League Week 1! With Pictures!


Hey everyone! So yesterday was the start of my summer volleyball league that I have been looking forward to for quite some time now! BUT, there was a bad side to it, a team did show up! So, Im on the lookout for another team, if anyone knows someone who would want to start a team just comment on this post! It runs at Farwell from 6:30-9 on every wednesday till June 27th. Alright, now on to the good stuff.

Yesterday we could only play two games because of the No Show team so the first game was Fluffy Cacti (My team, still trying to convince them to use a different name 😀 ) versus, Bumpin Uglies. We were missing two team members for the first two sets but luckily we had a family friend stopping by in town so shoutout to Taylor Flick for filling in on such short notice! So, Fluffy Cacti managed to secure the first set. The second set was a different story. The second set was a battle and went up into the 30s for points on both sides. For those of you who don’t know how scoring works, each Game is played with 3 sets. Each set is then played to 25 and you have to win by 2 to take the set. Then the winner of the game is the team who got best 2 out of 3 sets.

The second set was hard fought but Fluffy Cacti fell to the Bumpin Uglies. We were all tied up now in sets 1-1. We started the third set but didn’t get that far in before Caron (one of our missing members showed up late due to prior commitments). Caron came in the game all ready to play so now both teams had 6 players! Caron then went on a serving streak and put us up by I think 5 points in the middle of the third set and we went on to win the third set in the end thanks to Caron, or else we might’ve had another long set on our hands! But shoutout to my team, who killed it yesterday. All that prior practice really helped and we will only get better.
The second game was Fluffy Cacti vs No Diggity. This game was a good one and both teams started with six members but all but one member on No Diggity were substitutes, so we will be able to see their full team hopefully next week but they fought well but in the end Fluffy Cacti took all three sets vs No Diggity.

Now enjoy some cool pictures courtesy of my Father! Id also like to thank my mom who came out to watch! Thanks for the support guys!


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Volleyball Nations League and Life Update!

Now, I’m sure a lot of you who will read this don’t watch professional volleyball because let’s be real, it’s not as mainstream as football, basketball, and soccer. And with the NBA playoffs currently having some INSANE series, you probably won’t take time out of your day to watch Volleyball. SO, with that said, I’m gonna do my best over the next month to keep you updated on the men’s USA team in the Volleyball Nations League tournament (VNL). I will also do my best to keep you updated a little on my life and what is happening in it! (If anyone is interested lol)

Alright, so USA men’s played their first game today really early in the morning for those of us in the USA because of a time difference. So they played at 1am! USA vs Argentina!

First two sets went over to Argentina and it straight up looked like they would sweep USA 3-0 and take the win but hahaha, USA kicked it into gear and just saved their energy on the first two games and came back to win the series 3-2. Which is super impressive because volleyball is a game where each team always has a chance to equally score, and all ARG had to do was win one more set! I almost kinda feel bad for them lol but they put up a great fight and I’m sure it will make a great game to watch. USA next plays tomorrow at 1 am, which is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes from when I will publish this post so the game is probably already over by the time you read this. I’ll post on that hopefully Sunday when I get a chance.

As for updates on me, I currently have quite a bit going. I’m applying for a job for a company in California that I believe I would be a great fit in. I also think it is a work from home job so I don’t think I would have to move out there. I’m also looking at a college for Missionaries and will be getting more information on that Tuesday. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY (at the moment at least lol) my summer volleyball league starts on Wednesday! I made the schedule for it today and I made a list of announcements for opening day and I’m super stoked. I can’t wait to play somewhat competitively again and most of my team has got some real good practice in in the past few weeks.

As for now, that’s all I’ve got for ya. I’ll keep you all updated!

Till next time,



Made Some Random Friends This Week!

This week I go two play volleyball on THREE separate occasions! What a great week, am I right?

The first time was my weekly volleyball week that was the last week, and I explained how that went earlier in the week.

The second time Greg, Hunter, Kelsey, and I went out to try and play at Morey Courts in Mount Pleasant. Welp, their courts were full up. Luckily though it led to us heading over to Downtown Mount Pleasant to play on the sand courts. We got there and there happened to be another random team that was practicing for a league at Central Michigan University for the summer. So, we asked if we could play and they were absolutely okay with it. SO we played several games and we did actually really good and sadly we didn’t get any of their names so we will probably never play against them again but it was still nice to have a practice team.

The THIRD time was just yesterday on Saturday and Greg and I decided to go to Morey again and luckily they had their courts open this time. So we started just practicing our essential basics and moving on to setting and spiking and then a bunch of people came and started playing their own game on a court right next to ours so we asked if we could join and they were okay with it! It was great, they were a riot. Full of jokes, laughter, and they tried really hard. We played two whole matches and we both had a lot of fun, but again, we didn’t get anyones names so still no practice squads. But that’s okay, we made good progress and now we are all just prepping for the June volleyball league!


Till next time,



Tuesday Night Volleyball League

So, this week was the final week of my Tuesday night volleyball league. So thank you to Sarah who first invited me to the team and then thank you to the rest of the team for being so accepting of me. Now, down to business.

Yesterday we had our first double header. We were supposed to have those two games several weeks ago but a snow day cancelled them so we rescheduled.

I had been looking forward to these games for a long time. Opponents 1 had a really tall guy who I felt was pretty much the main man of their team, and I had been waiting to vs him. I love the competition and I love a good challenge when it comes to volleyball. Opponents 2 were a team that I had seen before and I knew they were pretty good but I didn’t realize they were the best team in the league until Sarah told me lol.

Game 1:

To start, I need to say, I was so nervous for this game. I was also so hyped for it, but somewhere in the middle of the game my nervousness went away. Opponents 1 were good, they were well balanced and the tall guy was definitely a tough opponent. I knew from the start our serves would have to be good because those were the only balls that Tall Guy couldn’t block because thats the rules of the game. And then I also knew that I would have to be on my A-game while in the front row. Two conditions that I focused on. We started actually behind in set 1 if I remember correctly, then caught up quickly due to some solid serving. My team only had 4 people on it again in these games which is fine because we actually had gotten used to it from last week. Set one we ended up winning I think the score was 25-20. Not much unusual happened in the first set, nothing really stood out much, we just played our game and stayed consistent. I had some errors that I shouldn’t have had but in the end it was fine. Set 2 came along and our team was warming up well and really getting into the groove of it. Id say set 2 was the high point of our night. I managed a few spikes that weren’t as good as last weeks but I chalk that up to nervousness. I managed two blocks in the second set which were solid and both ended with a point and then Chris managed a MONSTER block versus the Tall Guy which also ended in a point, which was pretty hype. Set 2 Sarah and Tiffany both were killing it with the serves, they must’ve had somewhere like 12-15 points just off their serves and us being able to make something happen off of their serves. We went on to win set 2 but I actually have no clue what the score was.

Set 3:

Set 3 was a little different, I think we could all feel us getting tired out. We couldn’t receive balls like we normally would, we weren’t talking as much as we needed to, and the ball just wasn’t working for us lol. I honestly don’t remember much about set 3 except we lost because we played a lot of volleyball yesterday and It is all kinda meshing in my head. BUT, we won the match 2 sets to their 1 set! Which was awesome because I had been looking forward to that match for a while and I wanted to win badly.



So Im gonna mesh all the sets of game 2 into one section because there isn’t a whole lot to say. Game 2 we lost all three sets. Some sets were worse than others but it felt as if nothing was working for us. We just seemed to be hitting some balls just barely too lightly and it would skirt around the top of the net and fall back on our side. My sets to other people were off. The opponents offense was just flowing really smoothly and we could’nt seem to stop their spikes. Our team got 0 blocks in the second game. We were putting everything we had into the game but we were tired.

In this game we started to feel the downsides of only four people. The opponents were the first to really target and take advantage of our weak points. With only four members we were playing in a diamond shape, which left the middle of the court fairly opened and we all just kinda did our best to chip in and cover it when needed, but that included a lot of running and diving and we were tired from the previous game. Along with the opponents taking advantage of our low numbers somewhere along the line, I got intimidated. 

This was due to the amount of good players they had on their team and they never left me opened to spike, someone was always in my face. They always were able to get a hand on the balls that I hit and I was just scoring less. And whenever they spiked the ball I could never block it or managed to grab it from hitting the ground, even with all my diving efforts. All of this culminated and with a few more errors along the way, I became intimidated. I stopped hitting as hard as I could when spiking and actually barely ever spiked at all. Luckily, Sarah noticed this and snapped me out of it, all she asked was if I was getting tired because I wasn’t hitting like normal but I told her I was being cautious. Then she just told me not to back down. After that I managed one more good spike before the game ended and we lost all 3 sets.

I was backing down, which is something that I never wanted to do and even thought I wouldn’t ever do. I just wanted to win so bad that I was overthinking every move of mine to the point where I psyched myself out and Im probably gonna beat myself up over it for a while but I just gotta look to the future and look to get better. I know what I need to improve on.

So, Last night I noticed during the game the opponents were recording the game so I am gonna try and get the recording and trouble shoot but with that being said, I am done with that league and my next league starts June 30th. This is the league I am running so I will be busy but Ill keep up the updates after those games.

Final Notes, Sarah, Tiffany, Chris, and Zach if this gets to you thank you for the opportunity  to play for your team. It was undoubtedly one of the most fun things that I have done so far this year! Maybe Ill see you in the four man league at the Moose Lodge this summer.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far!

Till next time,