Puerto Rico!


Hey everyone! I know it been well over a month since I last wrote but I have been pretty busy as of late. It has been a little over three weeks since I returned from a missions trip to Puerto Rico! I left for this trip the day after I got home from the family reunion (Which was in my last blog post) and I was gone for just over 1 week on that and when I returned I just returned right into a bunch of 40 hour weeks at my job! I could’ve definitely still written in that time but it just kept slipping my mind! Anyways, if you are reading this, I appreciate you. NOW, onto the good stuff!

Puerto Rico!

When I signed up to go on this missions trip I signed up as a chaperone/adult figure. I didn’t know what to expect and, in fact, we were supposed to go to Nicaragua but the country is in very rough times at the moment so we changed plans and we landed on Puerto Rico! Now, the last time I went on a missions trip I went to Nicaragua as a student through my church’s youth program Route 28. I had made a few friends in Nicaragua and was initially really excited to go see them again for the first time in 4 years, so when the country started going downhill and we had a change of plans I was fairly sad. NOW, I knew that I wasn’t going on a missions trip to just meet up and hang out with friends. We were there to do God’s work, I just thought that knowing some of the locals and culture would have made it easier for me to do so. With that being said, God did not want us to go to Nicaragua, and we changed the plans to go to P.R.

I went with a group of 13 youth kids from the church and a group of 8 other adults. Two of the adults were my brother’s so I did know some other people but other than those two I really didn’t know anybody that well. Now, skipping ahead of the flight to P.R. When I got to P.R. it was nothing like imagined, and due to the hurricane that ripped apart the island it looked like a mess in a lot of areas but the island was beautiful and God was in motion. I met all the kids and other chaperones, everyone was really cool and in the end, I even ended up becoming friends with a few. Our job while we were there was to put a roof on house for a family that currently had none. The story behind the family was fairly sad. They were making a new house when the father of the family died and the house was not finished. Then the hurricane came through and made it that much harder to finish the house. The whole family was living in the basement!

When we arrived at the house, the rooms of the house were filled with water all over the floor because of constant rain, trash littered the place, and of course, there wasn’t a roof! So the gang got to work right away, we worked on this house for four whole days (Also a quick note, Greg and I actually showed up to P.R. a day later than everyone else because of the family reunion so I have adjusted some of the times to fit the whole group. Greg and I were actually only there for three of the days.). In the four days, we split up the group, many of the guys ended up working on the roof and placing water treated plywood down and nailing it all down. The guys and some girls ended up being able to put a whole roof on the house and caulk the holes, and even throw a layer of paint over the few panels that were not water treated. Mostly girls ended up staying down in the main living areas and painted the WHOLE house with first and second coats! They did so much work it was so impressive to see the whole house come together. Sadly, we would not be able to place down sheets of metal over the roof as those were coming three weeks later so around this time they should be getting a final roof! I also cannot fail to mention that when we got to the house one of the family’s cousin’s who just happened to live right down the street offered to help us and ended up being a HUGE contributor in us being able to finish the roof. God really blessed us with Edward during the roofing process. I could feel God during the whole trip just moving so freely throughout the group, it was phenomenal.

So, after our three days were up, working on the house, the whole group packed our bags and moved out of our hostel that we were staying in and went to the other side of the island over by San Juan and stayed in an awesome property for the next three days. This place was partially hand built by the owner and it was basically four houses built on top of each other in a way that each floor made a balcony above the below house. I wish I would’ve taken more pictures myself so I could show you all how awesome this place was. And to top it all off, they had a huge courtyard/field area that we could play football and they even had a volleyball court! The volleyball court did not have a net hung up sadly because the group before us actually broke it but we made the most of some rope we had lying around and made a 1 rope volleyball net! Then we got half the group playing! It was a lot of fun.

In the next days we all bonded, shopped, sightsaw, wandered and just enjoyed God’s presence on the trip and it was amazing. The only sad part was having to leave. I thank God that I got to go on such an amazing trip with so many unique and awesome people. Shoutout to all the people who went on the trip!

Now, to top off the post, here are some pictures I took of my amazing trip to Puerto Rico!

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Family reunion is back! Volleyball here I come!

Alright, so for any of you who have read my post since almost the beginning, you all would know that my volleyball obsession slight started at my family reunion. (When I say slightly it’s because there were more determining factors that led to my obsession). Well, every two years my reunion takes place down in Indiana and guess what? It’s that time again! Two years goes by so fast and I have grown so much as a volleyball player and a person. So for this blog post I will be laying out five things that I have learned in volleyball in my first two years of playing!

1. The proper way to receive a volleyball! If you all remember, this is what made our team lose to My Uncles team at the last reunion. This time will be different!

2. That volleyball is a team sport. Volleyball is one of those sports where you can’t play alone, you have to trust and believe in your team. You can’t hold the ball, and you can’t touch it more than once in a row. This one was kinda hard for me because I’ve never played on a team till recently, so it took me a while to learn to trust my team and not try to carry the whole team by myself.

3. Hitting the ball hard is not always better. If you have ever watched Vball on tv they spike hard and powerful BUT, that’s professional and if you aren’t professional there is a good chance you can’t do that. Well good news, there are other ways to score points. Volleyball is very much a game for thinkers. It’s a tactical game. You can score points by being smart and thinking ahead. For example, where is their weakest receiver, I’m going to serve to them. Where is there shortest player, I’m going to spike by him. Find your strengths and use them against their weaknesses.

4. How to spike! This one was the most fun thing I learned in the past two years, learning how to spike and the proper approach to spiking really made a difference in my game!

5. Jump serving is hard. So I have learned to jump serve but I don’t play on enough leagues to keep up the practice and drill the form and approach into my head so that way I can be consistent. Lol so basically, I can do it about 30% of the time 🙂

And that’s all for me today! I’m hanging out with family most of the day so I will be busy. I hope you all have a great day!

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Lebron Heads To The Lakers

First off, what did I say in a previous post? Oh yeah, Lakers were a prime suspect for Lebron! Second off, I’m pretty excited to maybe see showtime Lakers again. This will be the first time since Kobe that a big all star will have been on the Lakers! And Rajon Rondo signed with the Lakers as well which could be interesting. I feel as if Rondos glory days were on the Celtics way back but maybe he will be rejuvenated. Lakers also managed to keep Kuzma and Lonzo on their team as well but that could change with Kawhi Leonard still on the market. I think a Lonzo, Kawhi, Lebron team could be interesting and fun to watch! Anyways, that’s all for now, just a quick post to say I’m excited for the Lakers.

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Ps. Demarcus Cousins joined the Warriors so the NBA is still gonna be “The Warriors Show” but still excited for the Lakers.

Lebron could go where?!

Where I want Lebron to go next season.

Everyone knows Lebron James is the best in the world currently and even though he just got swept in the NBA finals he is still the best and people know it. With this season ending it brings the prospect of Lebron leaving Cleveland and going to a new team. He is the biggest prospect for the new and upcoming season and all the teams would want him but here’s who I would love to see him go to.

1. Lakers.

Now, with other all stars that have the possibility of switching teams Lebron could form a good team to make a run in the play offs yet again. And with Paul George and Chris Paul being free agents, a super team is possible, at least, if a team has enough money. I’d love to see Lebron go to the Lakers with Chris Paul. They could have a roster that forms around the two big superstars and Chris Paul could run the backups/bench like he did in Houston which worked as a great dynamic when the main roster wasn’t doing so hot/needed to rest. Also, bring back showtime Lakers!!!

2. 76’ers. The Sixers already have a pretty good roster. With young players like Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons and a slew of more experienced players. I think Lebron could make it work. Add Chris Paul or Paul George to the equation and I think it may get a little too star studded but who knows, maybe it could work.

These two teams would be who I want Lebron to go to. Now, do I think either of these will happen?? Who knows?! Let me know where you would like to see Lebron go this next season in the comments! Also, a share and/or a like would be much appreciated.

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I went to go write a different blog post, but then I found this….

Alright, we all know that I started off writing on WordPress purely about volleyball and that’s because I really really want to talk about volleyball. It’s something that I am passionate about and we all love to talk about the things that we are passionate about, right? Well it was easy at first to pump out content about volleyball because I had a lot to say, I gradually slowed to a steady pace and although very few people read my blogs (Thank you to those who do 🙂 ) I still had a drive to talk about it, till I found something out.

Recently I found this website where you can search a key phrase and it will tell you all of the top performing posts that relate to that phrase. Its a very useful site and it helps fuel ideas to see what top writers and bloggers are writing about in your specific field. Well, me, loving volleyball, you can only guess what the very first phrase I typed in was…volleyball. And as it turns out, writing about volleyball is hard…and here is why.

Literally all of the posts about volleyball that were the best performing actually had very little to do with volleyball. In fact, I would even go as far to say they weren’t about sport, volleyball, at all but more about something else. Beauty. All of the top performing posts all had to do with beautiful volleyball players, or one in particular really attractive volleyball player from overseas or “Ten volleyball players that could be models”, so on and so forth. It was very de-motivating and honestly just very sad. None of the top posts about volleyball had nothing to do with the sport itself. Then here I am, trying to write because I love the game of volleyball and all that it entails. I write because I enjoy it, like I said before, but whenever I write I secretly hope that I am going to get a bunch of views and gain some new followers and who knows, maybe even get spotted by the news for an article or just SOMETHING that would make this successful. And although that may sound dumb or you may be thinking “Cmon, W.P. you can’t seriously expect to get views and be famous or something by writing about volleyball, there simply isn’t a fan base…” Etc. Everyone roots for themselves because in the end you are your biggest supporter. Seeing that what I write about wasn’t getting views because the fact of the matter is, no one cares, really hurts. Society is so driven by beauty and material things that people now click on posts that have to do with volleyball not because they like volleyball but more because there is a top ten list of the most beautiful volleyball players from around the globe. IT’S SO DE-MOTIVATING FOR SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY JUST WANTS TO WRITE ABOUT VOLLEYBALL BECAUSE THEY LOVE TO. It hurts when you then realize i’m sure this is happening with so many other topics too and many other bloggers are in the same position I am in! It’s so sad to see this, because I feel like if I continue on my current path of writing about volleyball Im not going to go anywhere, and no one will read what I write, which is the last thing that I want.

This whole dilemma is something that I have thought about for a while now and it is part of the reason that I decided to branch off to other topics for some of my posts because I noticed that my volleyball posts were some of my lowest viewing posts. And even for someone who maybe gets 10 views on a post, I still noticed. But then here lies another dilemma, if I branch off too far with my posts Ill lose the real reason that I started it in the first place, volleyball. When I say what all the top posts were on that website I even asked my girlfriend if that is something I should do, but she disapproved and it made me realize that I almost became the problem that I hate so much, just for a chance at some more views in the end. The game is almost rigged against me, but that’s just my opinion.

Anyways, sorry for the rant and if you made it this far you are the best. I would also appreciate a retweet, share, like, comment, or whatever you do from wherever you are reading this just so I can try and spread this message to more people like me. I really appreciate you taking time to read this.

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Bored on your day off? I can help with that.

13 things to do in this wonderful summer weather! As the weather only seems to get nicer every day this summer you may find yourself…not outside. And while Netflix is addicting and your bed is very comfortable. You know what is better than naps and Netflix? Making memories! And making friends! So this list has 13 things you can do outside in this beautiful summer weather.

1. Grab some friends and go get some ice cream and sit in a park!

2. Go catch a game of baseball! Whether it be minor league, major league, or high school. A good game of volleyball is a good way to enjoy the weather and relax.

3. Grab your hammock and go find strange places to hangout. This often makes for some fun adventures.

4. See how many random strangers you can convince to join a game of volleyball from your local park.

5. Sunbathe. Who doesn’t love a good tan.

6. Go swimming! This combines sunbathing with the best parts of summer. Relaxing and warm water.

7. Try to get 5 random strangers to go tubing with you.

8. Break out the kayaks and go paddle on a local lake.

9. Go stargazing! Now this doesn’t include the summer but it’s just as fun.

10. Go camping! Grab a few days off of work and steal all your best friends to make some memories from.

11. Make tie-dye shirts!

12. Try and build a huge sandcastle

13. Have a yard sale! Not only will you make money, but you can enjoy the weather and declutter your house at the same time.

That’s all for today, now quit reading this and go outside!

Till next time,


Quick update: Im not dead, just busy!

Hey guys, sorry for the inactivity lately. I’ve been pretty busy this week with work and also I went to Chicago with my beautiful girlfriend for a two day vacation mid-week so this post will just be a quick life update blog post!

Alright first things first, Lacey and I went to Chicago Tuesday and came back Wednesday and while we were there we saw Hamilton on Broadway and MAN, it was amazing. I understand why it’s such a big deal now! It was hilarious, informative, thrilling, and charming all at the same time and not to mention, the music was INSANELY good. While we were in Chicago we walked an average of like 6 miles a day with our 20 pound backpacks on the whole time (I was sure I was going to have permanent bruises on my shoulders lol). Our train arrived on Tuesday around 12 and we couldn’t check in till 3 to our hotel so we walked a bunch. Then the next day check out of our hotel was at 11 and our train didn’t leave till 4. But it was a blast, I had a ton of fun walking around and just relaxing, taking pictures with Lacey and walking around the magnificent mile. Also, just a side note, trains are cheap, comfy(except for sleeping), and easy. Definitely worth the train ride.

Also, I met one of my favorite DND players (super nerdy but super cool) at Hamilton and he signed the pamphlet for me! I fangirled and Lacey didn’t even know who he was. Patrick Rothfuss if anyone wants to know. He is also an author.

As for the rest of life currently, Volleyball League is down to three teams, which is sad but okay. I missed Wednesday’s games due to Chicago but it was totally worth.

And if anyone cares I recently started watching the show Westworld which is pretty amazing and Lace and I saw a Westworld exhibit in Chicago as well! Pictures below! Thanks for reading!

Till next time,