Lebron could go where?!

Where I want Lebron to go next season.

Everyone knows Lebron James is the best in the world currently and even though he just got swept in the NBA finals he is still the best and people know it. With this season ending it brings the prospect of Lebron leaving Cleveland and going to a new team. He is the biggest prospect for the new and upcoming season and all the teams would want him but here’s who I would love to see him go to.

1. Lakers.

Now, with other all stars that have the possibility of switching teams Lebron could form a good team to make a run in the play offs yet again. And with Paul George and Chris Paul being free agents, a super team is possible, at least, if a team has enough money. I’d love to see Lebron go to the Lakers with Chris Paul. They could have a roster that forms around the two big superstars and Chris Paul could run the backups/bench like he did in Houston which worked as a great dynamic when the main roster wasn’t doing so hot/needed to rest. Also, bring back showtime Lakers!!!

2. 76’ers. The Sixers already have a pretty good roster. With young players like Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons and a slew of more experienced players. I think Lebron could make it work. Add Chris Paul or Paul George to the equation and I think it may get a little too star studded but who knows, maybe it could work.

These two teams would be who I want Lebron to go to. Now, do I think either of these will happen?? Who knows?! Let me know where you would like to see Lebron go this next season in the comments! Also, a share and/or a like would be much appreciated.

Till next time,


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