Alright so this post is gonna be a short one but DEFINITELY a good one.

SO I managed to get a lot of people for a game of volleyball this morning! Which was pretty awesome. Greg, Kelsey, Brandon, Shawn, Alex, Ethan, Brenden, and I all got together for a solid two and a half hours of volleyball time!

So to start off, yes, I did dive for a ball that was indeed four feet out of bounds but I also thought that it was inbounds. Apparently my depth perception was a bit off. I also was able to find a few good spots that my team will have to work on during the summer league which i’m stoked for. At the games today we had Kelsey, Greg, and I who are on a team for the summer league, and then we have Alex, Ethan, and Brenden, who are on a team so it was kind of a preview of what the future will hold in the summer league.

Some highlights of todays matches include: I dove for a ball four feet out, Hauck needs to work on his receiving because he can’t receive my serves! lol jk. I got hit in the face by my own spike after it was blocked, ouch. And Ethan did a terrible LOW back set to Alex who obviously wasn’t expecting it. Other than that everyone did pretty solid, we had a ton of really long rallies with the ball in the air. So, good job everyone and lets try and do it again next week!

Till next time,


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