Tuesday Night Volleyball League

So, this week was the final week of my Tuesday night volleyball league. So thank you to Sarah who first invited me to the team and then thank you to the rest of the team for being so accepting of me. Now, down to business.

Yesterday we had our first double header. We were supposed to have those two games several weeks ago but a snow day cancelled them so we rescheduled.

I had been looking forward to these games for a long time. Opponents 1 had a really tall guy who I felt was pretty much the main man of their team, and I had been waiting to vs him. I love the competition and I love a good challenge when it comes to volleyball. Opponents 2 were a team that I had seen before and I knew they were pretty good but I didn’t realize they were the best team in the league until Sarah told me lol.

Game 1:

To start, I need to say, I was so nervous for this game. I was also so hyped for it, but somewhere in the middle of the game my nervousness went away. Opponents 1 were good, they were well balanced and the tall guy was definitely a tough opponent. I knew from the start our serves would have to be good because those were the only balls that Tall Guy couldn’t block because thats the rules of the game. And then I also knew that I would have to be on my A-game while in the front row. Two conditions that I focused on. We started actually behind in set 1 if I remember correctly, then caught up quickly due to some solid serving. My team only had 4 people on it again in these games which is fine because we actually had gotten used to it from last week. Set one we ended up winning I think the score was 25-20. Not much unusual happened in the first set, nothing really stood out much, we just played our game and stayed consistent. I had some errors that I shouldn’t have had but in the end it was fine. Set 2 came along and our team was warming up well and really getting into the groove of it. Id say set 2 was the high point of our night. I managed a few spikes that weren’t as good as last weeks but I chalk that up to nervousness. I managed two blocks in the second set which were solid and both ended with a point and then Chris managed a MONSTER block versus the Tall Guy which also ended in a point, which was pretty hype. Set 2 Sarah and Tiffany both were killing it with the serves, they must’ve had somewhere like 12-15 points just off their serves and us being able to make something happen off of their serves. We went on to win set 2 but I actually have no clue what the score was.

Set 3:

Set 3 was a little different, I think we could all feel us getting tired out. We couldn’t receive balls like we normally would, we weren’t talking as much as we needed to, and the ball just wasn’t working for us lol. I honestly don’t remember much about set 3 except we lost because we played a lot of volleyball yesterday and It is all kinda meshing in my head. BUT, we won the match 2 sets to their 1 set! Which was awesome because I had been looking forward to that match for a while and I wanted to win badly.



So Im gonna mesh all the sets of game 2 into one section because there isn’t a whole lot to say. Game 2 we lost all three sets. Some sets were worse than others but it felt as if nothing was working for us. We just seemed to be hitting some balls just barely too lightly and it would skirt around the top of the net and fall back on our side. My sets to other people were off. The opponents offense was just flowing really smoothly and we could’nt seem to stop their spikes. Our team got 0 blocks in the second game. We were putting everything we had into the game but we were tired.

In this game we started to feel the downsides of only four people. The opponents were the first to really target and take advantage of our weak points. With only four members we were playing in a diamond shape, which left the middle of the court fairly opened and we all just kinda did our best to chip in and cover it when needed, but that included a lot of running and diving and we were tired from the previous game. Along with the opponents taking advantage of our low numbers somewhere along the line, I got intimidated. 

This was due to the amount of good players they had on their team and they never left me opened to spike, someone was always in my face. They always were able to get a hand on the balls that I hit and I was just scoring less. And whenever they spiked the ball I could never block it or managed to grab it from hitting the ground, even with all my diving efforts. All of this culminated and with a few more errors along the way, I became intimidated. I stopped hitting as hard as I could when spiking and actually barely ever spiked at all. Luckily, Sarah noticed this and snapped me out of it, all she asked was if I was getting tired because I wasn’t hitting like normal but I told her I was being cautious. Then she just told me not to back down. After that I managed one more good spike before the game ended and we lost all 3 sets.

I was backing down, which is something that I never wanted to do and even thought I wouldn’t ever do. I just wanted to win so bad that I was overthinking every move of mine to the point where I psyched myself out and Im probably gonna beat myself up over it for a while but I just gotta look to the future and look to get better. I know what I need to improve on.

So, Last night I noticed during the game the opponents were recording the game so I am gonna try and get the recording and trouble shoot but with that being said, I am done with that league and my next league starts June 30th. This is the league I am running so I will be busy but Ill keep up the updates after those games.

Final Notes, Sarah, Tiffany, Chris, and Zach if this gets to you thank you for the opportunity  to play for your team. It was undoubtedly one of the most fun things that I have done so far this year! Maybe Ill see you in the four man league at the Moose Lodge this summer.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far!

Till next time,


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