20TH BLOG POST. Why I’m into volleyball.

So many posts ago, 20 in fact, I said that on my twentieth blog post I would reveal why I’m ACTUALLY into volleyball. So if you don’t remember my story of my gruesome defeat at the hands of Uncle Dean, at my family reunion two years ago my team lost the family volleyball game because of Uncle dean constantly serving to me and me not being able to receive the balls. WELL, my volleyball journey started before that.

I like anime. And so one day I was scrolling through new anime to watch and saw a volleyball anime and I scrolled right past it. I thought it looked kinda strange and definitely not something I could ever watch. While, my reunion was the next week and after my reunion I didn’t want to lose in volleyball so after the reunion I actually saw the anime again….and I had to watch it. So I did, and then proceed to binge watch every episode for the next two days. And I LOVED it. This show was seriously so inspirational and it actually made me fall in love with the game. The anime encapsulates everything good about volleyball and shows the viewer what it takes to play the game at a high level and how rewarding it can be.

But anyways, Hope you all have enjoyed my blog up until this point. I’m loving every second of running this blog. If you like anime (I know it’s not for everyone, I highly recommend watching Haikyu!!


I was thinking at my 25 follower count I’ll do a giveaway. I post three times a week so if you like this post give it a like, it helps a lot!

Love you all.

Till next time,


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