3 Volleyball Facts that Will BLOW Your Mind. 30 Second Read!!

  1. Most volleyball players jump around 80 or more times per match!

2. Volleyball has more national federations than any other sport with over 200 registered with FIVB.

3. The longest marathon playing volleyball indoors was 101 hours long. Achieved by SVU Volleyball in the Netherlands. Thats over four days long.

From my experience playing volleyball a three set match lasts about an hour, usually a bit longer. I can only assume a more experienced match would last a bit longer. So lets say an hour and fifteen minutes per match. (Just an estimate, there really is no good way to find the time because volleyball matches are not timed). My estimate is that they played around 80 Matches of volleyball. Since one match of volleyball has anywhere from 2-5 sets then they played somewhere around 242 sets of volleyball consecutively. So if each set ONLY went to 25 points (They can go longer, sets of volleyball are win by 2), approximately 6050 points were scored. (All numbers are approximations and guesses.) THATS CRAZY.

Hope you enjoyed this thirty second read,

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