2 Years Ago, I Started Playing Volleyball

And Im still going, I am still pouring my free time and my heart into this game, when it might not even ever get me anywhere.


I play  volleyball for a number of reasons.

  1. First and foremost, I love the game. It is so balanced and with every serve anything can happen. The spontaneity of the game makes me love it. I have always been hypnotized by volleyball games and I never really knew why until recently.  
  2. It takes skill, but you also have to actively think. If you are naturally good at volleyball and naturally athletic thats awesome, but if you think about everything thats happening in the game like how to win, where to serve, and who to try and block next, you can trump natural skill. Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard.
  3. Teams are more like families than just teammates. You have to be in sync with your teammates on so many levels if you want to win. Honestly, if I was a coach I would spend most of my time making my team do trust building exercises that somehow include a little volleyball. I love that trust is such a necessity.

I have just enough experience with it in the past two years to where I am just recently learning how to spike just about any set from any setter but Im still so inexperienced in the game to where sometimes I still can’t remember all of the technicalities to the rules.

I love the game of volleyball. Everything about it is exciting and Im sure I will keep playing for years and I wish I could’ve played volleyball in high school. Whoever limited most schools to only having girl’s volleyball teams I would like to have a talk with you. Because I would’ve played volleyball over basketball if I had the chance. 


Till next time.


5 thoughts on “2 Years Ago, I Started Playing Volleyball

  1. Great post. It encourage healthy decision making, boost your self esteem and help you to reach your fitness goals.
    Enjoyed reading the post. ✌🏻😊


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