Tuesday Night League!!

So to start off, I honestly expected to be creamed going into tonights game’s. And it has NOTHING to do with my teammates, so if you are reading this, you guys are awesome. Seriously.

So, lets start from the beginning, this morning. I woke up today to a wonderful 75 degree day. Naturally, I wanted to go long boarding, I really just wanted to be outside, so I went for a long boarding adventure. I got one loop around the schools and decided to keep going but thats when it hit me, and I mean literally. Today, I was riding Greg’s longboard, which isn’t that different than mine but turns faster and so I was getting up to speed on the longboard, went to hop on, and boom, TOTALLY just ate cement. My whole right side of my body is nice and sore, my hand was bleeding a little, my hip is all scratched up and sore and most importantly, my whole right arm was just slightly numb. NOT A GREAT WAY TO START OFF TUESDAY. But I brushed it off, got a bandage for my bleeding pinky finger and continued with my day.

I then proceeded to go home and my brothers wanted to play basketball, so we did. My right arm could barely shoot a basketball. But as time went it started to loosen up and feel better, but not 100%. So in summary, I messed up my arm and hip, and then tired myself out with basketball literally just a few hours before my volleyball league. So, if you are still reading, thank you!

NOW, for the league. It was literally the best game of volleyball I’ve ever played. How did this happen? Well apparently bashing you right arm off the pavement is the key to success. No, but for real, I have pretty awesome teammates. Everyone puts in effort and knows what they are doing and they fed me amazing sets all night. We played with only four of our members vs a six person team but we just were better at connecting with the ball than they were. I don’t remember the scores but we won the match winning all three sets. Which was awesome. Our team was communicating really well, and there were only a few mishaps of miscommunication, which we brushed off and continually did better.

Personally, like I said, this was the best game I’ve ever played and there was a reason for that. First off, like I said, my team was feeding me good sets all night, allowing me to spike freely and spike powerfully.  Thats right, I said powerfully, which was a big step up from last week where I just focused on form while this week it all tied together and I literally smashed a few balls down, which was amazing. And I know my form was pretty good again because Tiffany said she felt like I was floating on one of my spikes (where I jumped a bit early oops :P) and If you have read my blog before you know that with good spiking form comes a moment where it makes you look like you are literally floating which is a good thing. ( With that being said I need to more conscious of what my form is because if she hadn’t of said that I never would’ve known how I was doing).

I also had practiced diving for balls in the past and getting the right form for it and MAN IT CAME IN HANDY LET ME TELL YOU LOL. There were several times were I received a ball with good diving form and It feels so dang good to get those. One of them was at game point and I didn’t want to lose and we ended up getting the point. It really made me feel good. Also, the other team pretty much nicknamed me Monkey for some reason lol. Not exactly sure to be honest with you but EH, not mad. 🙂

At the end of the night I am so pleased with how the game went and shoutout to Tiffany, Chris, and Sarah. You guys were awesome tonight 🙂 . And Trent and Zach, if you are reading this, you guys missed a great game, but ill be glad to have you back next week if you guys can.


Till Next Time,


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