Avengers Play Volleyball

So as I was thinking of some sort on interesting topic to write about for my post today I ran across some Avengers posts on twitter and tumblr and that got me thinking…Which Avenger would be the best at volleyball?

Now, I was thinking two different sections here, using powers, and without powers, because lets be honest, the top players will be different in each group! Captain America, T’Challa, and Bucky can be in both because they are literally stuck with their powers, they can’t really turn them on and off.

Im just gonna go and rate the top five and explain

1. Scarlet Witch

2. Spiderman

3. Hulk

4.Captain America


Alright well to start Scarlet Witch is kinda a no brainer, she can literally move the ball with her mind. She can save the ball from touching the ground probably without fail, in every game. Spiderman makes a good #2 because improved reflexes, speed, and ability to use webs could make for a fast paced and neat game of volleyball. Could you imagine him making a web that connects to all of his teammates to catch the ball and his teammates are just sitting there like “Really man? Again?”. That would be great. Hulk was one that I almost put higher on the list because he could just hit the ball so dang hard im sure nothing could stop it from hitting the ground. Even another Avenger. If someone went to go stop the ball I bet they would just get plowed into the ground with it. Cap is on the same page as Spidey, he IS a superhuman after all plus, Cap just doesn’t like to lose. Groot is on this list honestly just because of how tall he is and how he could make a full net sized wall of wood to just block about any ball coming his way….except maybe if Hulk were to hit it lol.


1.Captain America

2.Black Panther



5.Tony Stark

Alright, so this list is kinda rigged but like I said, three out of the five can’t turn their powers off so they count, technically. First off, Cap, cmon, the man is a monster and like I said, he doesn’t like to lose. T’Challa is on here because he can’t turn off his powers either, at least he doesn’t have the claws. Although, his cat-like reflexes do give him added bonus lol. Bucky is here  because could you imagine Bucky spiking down the ball with a metal arm? I could see the ball getting wedged into the ground, like literally, making a hole in the ground. Natasha and Tony are two Avengers that I can see would love a game of volleyball, their competitive spirit would drive them to win. Natasha herself is just plain amazing tbh, she hangs with the big dogs but doesn’t have any super powers, thats pretty awesome. I could see Tony playing just to try and crush Cap although he knows he doesn’t have a chance so he would try to make a really stacked team and put his stacked team up versus Cap to see who would be victorious.


Alright guys, hoped you all enjoyed the post and my strange thoughts of The Avengers playing volleyball because honestly Id love to see that, I would also love to see the actors doing an Avengers volleyball game. I can’t even imagine how hilarious that would be.

Till next time,




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