Tuesday Night Volleyball League

Today’s blog is gonna be a shorty but a goody. Yesterday I had the weekly volleyball game and I was versus my good friend Caron’s team. Now I was hyped about this game for weeks. Seriously, I think I texted her in the beginning of April telling her I was gonna take her down. I was excited. And long story short, I felt great!

So to begin I only tallied one block during the game but the opponents were good at going around my blocks. Which is okay, I had to adapt a little bit, learn when and when not to jump, try to read their movements a little more. Other than blocking I had several good spikes. Now, In past games I’ve been able to go up for spikes but none of them felt the same as Tuesdays spikes. My past spikes felt choppy and wrong, like my form and technique were off and I was just trying to hit the ball hard. Tuesdays game I just felt something click in my head and all of the sudden I felt so good about my technique and form and focused less on power and that really improved my game. I think I had three solid spikes with just as equally as good sets from various team members (my team is the real MVP here).

Other than blocks and spikes I had some really good serves that the opponents managed to receive (my serves need to be better! Lol).

Our team on Tuesday was much more loose and smooth flowing than the last game we played. I think because we had a couple of new players on the court with us we hadn’t really meshed yet. Our Tuesday squad really was flowing well and honestly, our squad could’ve beaten the team that we fell to two weeks prior in the form we were that night.

In conclusion, my team did really great, everyone played a big role, we pulled out a 3-0 match win and I personally made a lot of progress in my play! It was a great night of volleyball!

Till next time


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