So, recently I was looking for something cool that was volleyball related that could gain the interest of a lot of people, whether you liked volleyball or not. And I found something that I never expected, snow volleyball!

Now, what is snow volleyball? Well, obviously, it’s volleyball in the snow! (This takes some dedication and passion for the game 🙂 ) So, I did some more research on snow volleyball to find out more, I just had a few questions. How big is this? Does it have the same rules? And how long has it been going on? So I set off on a journey to find these answers, and I didn’t have to go very far!

To my surprise, snow volleyball has been around for 10 years now! I never would’ve guessed, like for real though, who likes to go out in the snow, and hit a volleyball around while freezing?! Apparently there are a lot of people who do! So much so that the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) has added the sport to its official calendar! Turns out the sport is getting pretty big now! So big that even some professional volleyball players for indoors and beach volleyball have played at the highest level of play in some pretty huge tournaments!

On February 14, 2018 in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics the CEV and the FIVB (Two of the biggest volleyball federations out there) showcased snow volleyball and it was covered by more than 40 television stations! Not to mention, the sport even has its own official website and many major competitions! I also found that snow volleyball has similar if not exactly the same rules as beach volleyball!

Snow volleyball seems like a lot of fun and the makers of the game seem to have really hit it home with this one. Tournaments are just growing bigger and they have a great setup for players and fans, I would love to go be at one of these tournaments to watch, even if I did freeze my butt off.

Now I just want to know where I can play a game of snow volleyball at! And does anybody want to freeze with me? 🙂

Stay Cool,


p.s. did you see what I did there? lol

p.s.s. check out their official site!



2 thoughts on “SNOW VOLLEYBALL?!

  1. that’s rad. I think Milwaukee, WI there is a beach volleyball area, and is in lake michigan so when its cold, can be use it for snow volleyball… just a warning I get really cold.

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