Best Libero in ALL of Japan!!

Kon’nichiwa! In today’s blog I talk about who is the best Libero in all of Japan for women’s volleyball! It is Saturday after all so its LIBERO LOVE SATURDAY! So let’s dive right in.

Arisa Sato of the women’s Japanese national volleyball league is today’s Libero Love Saturday!

Arisa Sato is a Libero for both the Japanese National Women’s team and also the Club team of Hitachi Rivale. I have watched some gameplay of Arisa’s and personally I feel as if she is the best Libero in all of Japan. Now, here is why. Arisa has great gameplay reaction time, great court vision, and an amazing ability to easily and quickly transition a defensive receive into an offensive point for her team. She has one of the most amazing reaction times that I have seen for a Libero of Olympic Level. That, paired with her ability to see the whole court, who will be hitting the ball, and where the ball is going, and you have a superstar. She sees the hitter before most others which allows her to instantly move into where the ball will be hit and receive it cleanly!

In one particular gameplay that I watched of Arisa’s the ball is served to her team and the setter hits it first, Arisa jumps into it and does a set from behind the 3 meter line. BUT instead of actually setting the ball to a hitter who would spike it home, she just quickly and calmly just tosses it over herself right into the middle of the whole team, who watch it fall to the ground as the opposing Libero dives for it. It was honestly the highest level Libero action I have seen, it seemed almost magical. It seemed as if she almost turned the momentum of the game into their favor right then and there, as if she was stating “Im better, bring it on”.

Her tenacity, along with all of her skills listed earlier, definitely makes her this week’s Libero Love Saturday. So, if you get a chance, go give Arisa Sato some love with a quick twitter follow, of course, everything is in Japanese but luckily Twitter has a translate button. Which is pretty lit.

Jikai Made,


p.s.  Arisa is only 5 foot 4 and a half inches tall! Carve your own path!

p.s.s. here is a sweet compilation of all of some of her best moments. The set is in here at 1:43!

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