Mainstream Media Volleyball?!?

So today’s blog post is gonna be a short one. I just have a few quick thoughts to get out there and some questions that NEED to be asked. Without further ado, here we goooooo.

FIRST off, why in the world is there no good movies that center around volleyball?! We have movies about baseball, football, track, cross country, EVEN PINGPONG. WHERE ARE THE VOLLEYBALL MOVIES. Sure, there are a few, but those few movies have terrible ratings and time degraded what was left of them into nothing. One thing I do have to say is that the new movie that is coming out (Is out?) looks really good. Its based on a true story about a volleyball team that has to learn to play and live without their team captain who dies in a horrible accident. It looks like a triumphant win in the volleyball movie department and i’m actually dying to see it.

NEXT off, why is volleyball not cast on tv? Okay, some say its because it’s too “girly” of a sport or not fun to watch but personally, have you ever watched a pro baseball game, that is what I call boring. Now, i’m not here to rag on other sports and say volleyball is better but volleyball can be exciting to watch if you know whats going on. So, if people educated themselves even just a little bit about volleyball I bet some people would come to find out that they really like it. Also, volleyball is fun and entertaining to watch. For those of you who think volleyball is a women’s sport, there are professional players who make millions playing volleyball, male and female.

So, that concludes today’s post. It was just a small rant but hey, everyone loves a good rant.

Till next time,


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