So, volleyball today was cancelled because of weather. I guess thats what happens when you live in Michigan lol. BUT, not to worry because I have another double header in two weeks time. For the time being I refuse to let this be a bland blog post so I wanna talk about defeat.

Defeat by all means is what most people hope to never have. But unfortunately it is one of those things that everyone HAS to have. Us, as a species have to be defeated to grow stronger and to become smarter. With that being said, volleyball is no different.

There will always be someone better than you, smarter than you, stronger than you and there will always be the next opponent. When it comes to defeat no one wants to say “yeah, we lost”. And when it comes to volleyball which can be a very competitive sport, it stings just a little more knowing that there are people better than you. Normally it only stings for the dedicated few who refuse to give up, who want to stand on the top, who love the game so much they never want to lose. Those are the people who have already fallen in love with the game of volleyball. Those are the people who love the view from the top. Others, know that loss is inevitable and don’t give it a second thought when they lose a game, nobody is perfect right? The dedicated and passionate few, know this also, but refuse to let that mindset dim their passion for the game, in fact, it makes them try harder.

Defeat is tricky because sometimes players/teams have become so numb to losing that another loss is just another loss to them. This is dangerous because it can crush a player’s desire to win so much. They become unconfident and shaky because although they may want to win deep down, it can feel as if though they are expected to lose, like it’s in their team’s DNA. If you can imagine, that is a big mood destroyer. Then until the right team comes along to help lift up the other players and show them their desire to win again, they get stuck in a rut.

Teammates are the solution to defeat. If you wanna win, you have to get better and volleyball is a team sport. It is a sport where you can’t hold the ball and the same player can’t hit the ball more than once in a row. So becoming stronger as a team, is how you can win in volleyball; Along with that, teammates who have the same deep down desire to taste victory and want to grow and improve, inspire other teammates and help them get out of that rut. Everybody deserves these teammates.

That concludes my post for today. Hope everyone enjoyed. Sorry Im posting this late!



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