Setter Monday

Hi everyone, first off, I would like you to know that after this week it will be Setter Sundays and not Mondays but I was a little late to getting to this post because of Easter Sunday, which is the best possible reason to be late on a blog post :).

Today, I had the privilege of asking one of my personal favorite professional volleyball players a few questions! Luckily, he was incredibly cool and agreed to answer them. (Just a small note but I asked him through instagram because I believe it is one of the only sites where you can message just about anyone! So thank you for responding ON Easter Micah! Sorry if I disrupted your day!)

To start, if you don’t now what a setter is, a setter is defined by as

1: one that sets
I mean, it’s not wrong. 😀 Luckily, Urban Dictionary has a slightly better defintion,
a volleyball player that can distribute the ball with effectiveness. While at the same time making the other teams block look stupid. This is done by being still in the air while playing the ball.
There we go, that definition is a little better. Urban Dictionary makes me laugh every time 😀 Basically a setter is the control tower of the game. They touch the ball most in a game and they set up plays with the hitters. They have many different options when it comes to making a play and gaining a point and one of their big objectives is to try and get the ball to a hitter without any blockers in the path. This is a tough position and you should do your best to remain cool, calm, and collected which Micah is very good at in my opinion.
Today’s Setter Monday appreciation post goes out to Micah Christenson. Christenson sports the #11 which is my favorite jersey number and the number I had when I played basketball for a couple of years 🙂 . So…OH man, where to start?! Christenson was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Another Hawaiian Native just like Erik Shoji. He began playing volleyball in 2005 on the club team Asics Quicksilver. Christenson was a star volleyball and basketball player for his school in Honolulu, where he went on to graduate in 2011. He went on to play volleyball at the University of Southern California and it was from here that he became a starter on the U/S/ Junior National team. From there Christenson was called up to the Senior National Team for the NORCECA Championship in 2013. U.S.A. got a gold medal in that tournament. After that I believe he gained three more gold medals and two bronze medals on the National Mens Senior Team. He also has gained several other medals while on his Italian team. He is the youngest starting setter to ever compete for the U.S. on a national team for both junior level and senior level. (I wish I would’ve had my life this figured out when I was 20 lol) He is currently playing on the Italian team Cucine Lube Civitanova

As you can see Micah Christenson is an amazing volleyball player and luckily I got to ask him some questions about being a setter! I was beyond excited when he replied back to my message and agreed to answer!

Q: So first off, as a setter, how do you feel you can set and/or change the pace of the game?

Micah: Pace of the game in my opinion is dictated more so between points rather than during play. Getting to serve quickly, or taking your time to slow the pace down. You can dictate a little with controlling the middle of the court with quick/bic, or playing outside in starting with the pins.

Q: Secondly, as someone who has played on several professional teams throughout the world how do you work to sync with all the hitters that you play with? And have you ever run into any barriers that make it hard to adjust?

Micah: In terms of working with hitters it’s just getting a ton of meaningful reps with them as well as communicating as much as possible with them about what they want as well as what you’re comfortable with doing. Finding that happy medium where both of you are comfortable with the set. The hardest barrier was just not being able to communicate well with the language barrier when I first got to Italy. Now it’s much better and everything is fine, but at first it was very hard to communicate precisely what I wanted and what they wanted.


Chirstenson (#11) Setting to Maxwell Holt (#17)                                By Tasnim News Agency, CC BY 4.0,


Again, I would like to thank Micah Christenson for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions and I would like to wish his best of luck in all upcoming games!


With that, I am going to conclude this Setter Monday with a montage!


Tomorrow I have a double header going on in my own volleyball league so tomorrow’s blog post will be reflecting on that and how it went.

See you tomorrow,


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