Fly Like An Eagle

This blog post will be all about a spike. In volleyball a spike is when a player takes an approach towards a ball that is in mid air falling down, jumps up and hits the ball down towards the opponents side of the court. The ball is usually close to the net, if it isn’t within or close to the 3 meter line then its a really hard spike to hit (you’re crazy to try this) OR it’s a serve. Now, technique is EVERYTHING when it comes to volleyball. Of course, power and strength come in handy but technique is the number one part every player needs to be focusing on in my opinion. Everything in volleyball has a certain technique and BY FAR, the most beautiful looking technique is the spike/serving form. And I am here to tell you why!

By Grzegorz Gigol (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
This, is Matthew Anderson who plays for the USA Men’s National Team during every olympics since 2012 and was playing volleyball and winning competitions and awards even before that. M.A. in this picture is mid-serve. M.A. has a killer jump serve and often has amazing technique which leads to amazing power and grace. Another example is Wakatoshi Ushijima, a fictional character from the anime Haikyu. One of my personal favorite scenes from any show ever is from this match that the screenshot is taken from.

Taken from Haikyu! All rights reserved for the owners and makers of the Anime.

A volleyball spike/serve form is artistic in its own way. The way the players arms are set in the same form as…you got it, the Nike swoosh symbol. One of the most iconic and recognizable symbols in modern day and it’s for a reason. A players body when hitting a serve or a spike are usually rounded because of a lot of the power in such a hit actually comes from the abs and the rotation of the upper body but this also creates for a very artistic form because an imaginary rounded line can be drawn from the tip of the players toes all the way to the players hitting hand’s elbow. This imaginary line is know to lead the eye around the figure in a never ending loop. Famous artists and sculptors use this technique when making their masterpieces because of the same affect that leading lines have to a viewer. This form makes it look as if the person hitting the ball stops in mid air for a second. Such explosive power in a volleyball spike comes from this exact form and the technique of spike as a whole. Of course, the jump and swing aren’t the only thing that go into a swing, footing takes a role too.

A spike or serve are one coordinated effort by the whole body and mind to do one simple task to the best of its ability. Hit the ball. Hitting a volleyball isn’t as easy as everyone usually thinks but luckily, practice makes permanent.

Till next time wonderful readers,


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