Its Time to Get Cooking

Thanks for joining me everyone who may ever read this. THIS, right here, is my first blog post and hopefully I can look back at this post and laugh years from now because of how much I will have improved. Anyways, to start, this blog IS NOT ABOUT FOOD :D. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love food. My blog is called Wholesome Pancake because first off, I want to be as brutally honest with you guys as much as humanly possible and wholesome and honest tend to go hand-in-hand. If I don’t like something, Im gonna tell you. Same goes for if I love something, hate something, are uncertain about something, or if I am just plain ignorant about something. Now, for those of you who haven’t got the play on words as my tagline says, as defined by, a Pancake is…

“An emergency defensive move where a player anticipatorally lays his/her hand on the floor (palm facing down) with the intention of having the ball bounce off his/her hand instead of the floor.”

So no, it is not a deliciously cooked and golden frisbee from Heaven. BUT, a volleyball move. Because volleyball is just as good as some frisbees from Heaven. And volleyball is going to be what this blog is about. I have SO many plans of what to write about to tell you all about the pros and cons of volleyball, indoor and beach. I am so excited to be doing this because none of my friends or family understand my passion for volleyball and I NEED TO TALK ABOUT VOLLEYBALL 🙂 . So, to start off this blog with a soft and subtle bang (just like one tiny firecracker, not the whole pack of firecrackers. Thats dangerous) let me tell you all a story.

Once upon a time, in a land not too far from the great state of Michigan, there was a boy named….Tristan. Tristan was on a trip, away from home to go to a wonderful family reunion that he adored so much. Now, at the time Tristan loved the family reunions because of family and they always stayed at a fancy and large hotel. This hotel sat right on the beach and therefore, had a beach volleyball net. At the time, Tristan only thought of volleyball as just something that was fun to play with family every family reunion, and that was basically it. He really only considered volleyball fun because he grew tall compared to the rest of his family and therefore had an slight advantage. So, when the family volleyball game came he was excited. Lots of the family played several matches before we got to the final game of the night, which we decided was old people (everyone over like 35) versus the youngsters (everyone younger). This game was fun the whole time…almost. It was the third set, both sides had one win and the score was around 20-18 youngsters at a deficit. It was Uncle Dean’s turn to serve for the old people. Tristan was ready to receive the ball…or so he thought. Uncle Dean served to Tristan and Tristan biffed the receive. Not a big deal, he brushed it off and focused harder on the next serve. It happened again, and then again, and again. Uncle Dean scored five more points in a row off of serving to Tristan and Tristan couldn’t seem to get the receive right. The game finished because of Tristan’s crap receiving game and Tristan became sad. Of course, the rest of the reunion was fantastic but Tristan never forgot how he felt after he lost the game for the youngsters. When he got home from the reunion Tristan began to research volleyball and vowed to never again lose a game to the old people because of his poor receiving and from then on, Tristan fell deep in love with volleyball.



That story is a true story EXCEPT for the part where Tristan began to love volleyball because of his gruesome defeat at the hands of Uncle Dean. BUT, I cannot reveal how Tristan actually fell in love with volleyball…. at least until my 20th Blog Post :). ‘

So, with that I will leave you until next post,


Wholesome Pancake


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